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If you what to be a boxing player, you should know how many rounds in boxing. This is the 1st and essential information before play boxing….

First of all, you may think boxing is a relatively new sport, but in this case, the real scenario is a bit different. Yes, exactly! The earliest known picture of boxing comes from a relief of the Sumerians in Iraq in the third millennium BC. Of course, if you want to participate in this sport, or if you want to understand it on your TV, you need to know some basic knowledge. For example, how long is a round in boxing? or how many rounds will be played in boxing? A quick answer is it depends on some factors. Here in this article, you will get answers to all the relevant questions you are seeking.

What is a boxing round?

boxing round

“Round” refers to the period during which two opposing boxers actively compete without rest, except in special circumstances. For example, when the blow is lower than the waist or when a rubber protective sleeve is blown out of the boxer’s mouth. The start of the round, the official announcement of the organizer in the event and the callback at the end of the round.

The word round related to boxing is widely known around the world, even those who do not like or dislike “sweet science” will be familiar with this word. You may have an idea about its function, but there are some details that are quite complicated. Yes, indeed!

In this article, you will get an overview of the things you wanna know regarding how rounds in boxing use, the distinction between modern-day matches and classic matches, and other relevant information regarding this topic.

Number of rounds

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The number of rounds of the game depends on the situation. Most games now last four rounds, up to twelve rounds. 

In boxing matches, 12 games are mainly used for World Championships or other Grand Slam events, such as European Championships or International Championships. In other situations, such as when a new boxer makes his debut. Or if you are still climbing a ladder, the initiators of both contestants can agree that a shorter distance is appropriate. Many beginners start with four rounds of battle. Then play six, eight and ten rounds. 

If a wrestler is knocked down, the head referee will count 10 for the knocked-down player to stand up again and show that he can continue the game. Through this process, the lap time will continue to shorten. If there is a major interruption, the time will stop in the middle of the lap. An example is that if fighters are severely hit under the belt, they have up to five minutes of extra time to recover. 

If a player is eliminated and the game ends immediately, the round in which elimination or interruption occurs will be recorded as part of the result (for example, “If there is no elimination or interruption, the result will be determined by the referee. 

How Long Is Each Round?

Now that you have some understanding of the history of this incredible sport and how the safety rules are implemented, you may ask, “How long is each lap?” 

The duration of a boxing fights round mainly depends on the category of the match. For example, professional boxing and amateur boxing, heavyweight boxing champions or Olympic boxing matches have different times. It is determined by the age group whose duration is different from that of junior competitions and senior competitions.

Professional boxing rounds

How Long Is Each Boxing Round?

Professional boxing, also known as prizing boxing. If we see boxing history, it became more and more popular in the early 1900s and eventually became a legal sport to watch on ESPN and pay for every event held in the famous Las Vegas Arcade. Today it is called professional wrestling.

The duel exercise is the longest. Participants have 12 rounds of wrestling in the ring. Although twelve is the biggest goal they can aim for, depending on the organizer of each game, some games have four, six, eight or even ten rounds for world title fight. For the world championship, fighters fight with each other with high dedication.

Each fight consists of three minutes, in which the best boxing masters meet with everything they have, and then rest for one minute before the next round of the championship fight for the next heavyweight championship begins.

The referee observes the game and ensures that the contestants only use legal shots. The belt tied above the torso is the lower limit of the shot; the boxer who repeatedly hits the ball below the belt will be disqualified. The referee also ensures that the boxer does not use tackle tactics to stop the opponent’s attack.

In this case, the referee separates the opponent and instructs them to continue fighting. Professional fights or prize fighting is widely popular around the world. Muhammad Ali, Tyson fury, Ray Mancini, Joe Louis, Duk koo kim, Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson, Anthony joshua, Eddie hearn, Manny pacquiao are very well known professional fighters.

World title fights, Championship bouts, championship rounds mainly falls under professional boxing.

Amateur Boxing Rounds

Amateur Boxing Rounds

Amateur boxing matches are short in length-lived and include three rounds of men’s three-minute matches and four rounds of women’s boxing match two-minute matches, with one-minute intervals between each round.

This type of game awards points based on clean shots rather than physical strength. In addition, this short format allows the tournament to span multiple matches in a few days, and instead of boxing, boxers take a few months to rest between matches. 

Today, amateur boxing is also familiar as Olympic boxing. Yes, you heard it right. People enjoys these games. Now the official term, but it should not be confused with Olympic boxing, which is part of amateur boxing and can be defined as boxing.

The highest level, at the edge. In amateur and pro boxing, the skills of Olympians are often compared with the best professional players. They tend to enter the world rankings and quickly become professional players for championship fights. Senior junior Olympic falls under amateur boxing.

Youth Boxing Rounds

Youth Boxing Rounds

Boxing fan are also very well known with the youth boxing length. It is also a major part of boxing. Yes, indeed! This is boxing, people only box for the club, and will not be attracted by domestic or international flight. There are some young boxers in their 30s, so this does not mean that it is only suitable for teenagers or younger people​​. 

The duration of youth boxing matches title fight depends on their age group. They are: 

Bantam (8-10 years old)-three rounds, 1 minute each, one minute rest. • Teenagers (11 to 12 years old)-1 minute in each of the three rounds with one-minute rest. 

Intermediate (13-14 years old): 1.5 minutes for three rounds, one-minute rest. 

 High School Junior Olympics (15-16 years old): Three rounds, 2 minutes per round, one-minute rest. 

Sub-Novice: It is mainly plated between the player of ages 17 to 34 years. There are three rounds. The duration of each section is 2 minutes. There is 1 minutes gap after each section.

Novices (17 to 34 years old)-10 rounds, 2 minutes each with 1-minute rest. 

Open (17 to 34 years old): 10 or more rounds, 2 minutes per round, 1-minute rest. 

Master class (starting in 35 years)-more than 10 rounds, each section 3 minutes, one minute break.

Any Confusions

Frequently Asked Questions

In 1982, due to the death of Duk Koo kim against Ray Mancini, 15 rounds match ended.

It depends on the level of the match.

In pro boxing, there are 12 rounds.

In pro boxing, each round lasts 3 minutes for men and 2 minutes for women.

Final words

The duration of a boxing round mainly reclines several factors, normally on the class of boxing. Pro boxing is the most exhausting and doesn’t have very strict rules. But, in armature boxing match, there are some great rules. Where player needs to come up with their excellent attitudes. In regulated boxing, the total number of rounds in each fight tells the circumstances indeed. 

Hoping that you got an idea regarding the topic of how long is a round in boxing. If you have any questions, don’t forget to inform us.  If you want to read more article like this please click here.

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