How To Become A Boxer: 9 Easy Tips From Expert Boxer

Today in my article, I will share nine steps on How to become a boxer. Which will help you to be an amateur and an amateur into a professional. I hope this article will be beneficial for you…..

Boxing is an international game. It is extremely popular worldwide. At present, both men and women play boxing. Though, the early age of 8 is a good time for boxing. A young boy can also play boxing. But you will be happy to know that the young boys can also play boxing. They need more and more practice to become a professional.

You do not need to be educated to be a boxer, but you will have to be an amateur first. There are two types of boxers, one is amateur and another is professional. But for being an amateur and professional, you need to follow some steps.

 There are a few dissimilarities between amateur and professionals.   So, today in my article, I will share nine steps on How to become a boxer. Which will help you to be an amateur and an amateur into a professional. I hope this article will be beneficial for you.

professional guidelines

We all know that hard work and perseverance is the main element of success. If we want something so desperately, without hard work, that cannot be possible. Boxing is also a thing where you will need a lot of hard work and also  be strong enough. Here, I will share some essential steps which will help you to become a fighter. For that, let’s read the entire content. So, do not skip. Read those nine  steps. Let take a glance:-

1.Joining in a gym

Joining in a gym

Before starting boxing, you will have to join a gym class. Now, I think a question is roaming in your mind, and that is why I should join a gym class?

So,  it is the answer-

  1. Joining a gym class will gradually increase your body fitness.
  2. It will help you to decrease your body pain.
  3. It will improve your defense style and also flexibility.
  4. you can be physically more potent than before.
  5. From doing gym will teach you to balance in boxing too.
  6. Gradually, your energy level will increase day by day.
  7. And, from that, you can be motivated.

Also, your health will be fit and delicate too.

8.Find a martial arts gym. If you take gym classes from a martial arts gym or boxing gym, they will help you become a boxer because they know what is needed to increase your fighting skills and fitness.

So, I think you can get a lot of benefits from going to the gym. So, if you want to be a perfect boxer, you will have to follow gym class.

2.Start training

Start Training

After joining a gym class, now you will have to do some training by yourself every day. However you train yourself a little, later it will give you a good result. For your benefit, I am giving you some training tips. 

Here, It’s shown below:-

  1. Twitch a day, you can train yourself. We know that boxing means to attack the opposite player, so it will be better to work on your attacking system.
  2. Always eat fresh, healthy, green vegetables and good fruits. It will help you to become stronger.
  3. Warm-up regularly. It’s essential for boxing.
  4. For taking your breath sincerely. Practice it at home.
  5. To amuse yourself, you should lead a social life too.

But do it at night because daytime is essential for training.

3.Find a good boxing club

boxing club

If you want to be an amateur, you should find a good boxing club or martial arts club. To find a good boxing club, it will be typical for you. But it is an essential thing for a boxer to get a good trainer. Because there are so many boxing gym centers where they train fighters, so Whenever you choose a boxing club,First, check out their community.

Are they professionals or not? Secondly, talk with the trainer of that boxing club. 

When you speak with a trainer, you can find out what kind of service they will give you. Finally, talk with other members of staff to get to know more.

But I think you should search for a martial arts club because you can get good instructions for your fight from the professionals.

4.Find a professional coach

professional coach

privately find a professional coach for yourself. Who will train you at home. For being a boxer, every boxer needs a professional coach. Because a professional coach will teach you to-

  1. Improve your skills
  2. He will help you to reach your goal.
  3. He will increase your awareness. 
  4. He will help you to increase your courage.
  5. Helping you to increase your fighting level.

5.Gather a team of vocational

By gathering a team of professionals, it can develop your self-awareness, skills, courage, fighting skills, etc. You can gain a lot of knowledge from professionals. And they will also try to improve your weakness. They will advise you what you should do or not? Overall, gathering a professional team is also essential for a boxer.

6.Make a license

As an amateur, you need to get a license to help you participate in local games, tournaments, etc. Amateur boxers need  permission from local organisations to play in local games. When you have a license then you can attend any matches. And If you have a license, it will also benefit your future.

For getting a license, You will have to fill a form, and then they will examine your body by doing some tests. If it is all okay, they will give you the license. So you need not worry about getting a license; it is not tricky work at all. But always remember to stay healthy and fit. Because to pass the fitness exam you need to be in good health.

7.Participate in several tournaments

boxing PCXBL45 min 1

After getting a license, you need to search local games and tournaments. To increase your fighting skills, you will have to participate in several games. Of course, if you lose those games, it will be alright. But first, it is essential to find out how your work is going on.

If you want to be top at the rank, you need to participate in several contests. If you’re going to point out your weaknesses, you should attend several games. I will say it is a good thing for an amateur. It will recover your skills, attacks, defense, and balance also. When you attend the local Tournaments, you will raise your fighting spirit.

8.Increase your body tolerance

For a boxer tolerance is an important thing. To balance and power up a fighter needs endurance. For a boxer, leg,shoulder and muscle tolerance is essential. Because when an attack comes, the boxer will face it and tolerate it for so long. So that is why endurance is essential in a fight. So to increase your leg,shoulder and muscles tolerance you need exercise every day. Proper exercise is essential for making your body strong. 

  1. To increase  your shoulder tolerance you need to do exercise with a dumbbell. Because dumbbells will help you to raise your shoulders freely. You can use a punching bag for shoulder endurance.
  2. Legs help you to make balance so your legs must be strong enough. To make your legs strong and tolerant you can jump on ropes every day. Skipping is a kind of exercise which is important for every boxer. By skipping your legs, endurance will increase day by day. 
  3. Body weight and lightweight exercise is good for muscles. Further, use punching bags for kicks, and do push ups everyday. 

If you train you up with endurance it will help in the ring. So, For better fight you need to increase your body endurance.

9.Make a proper diet list

proper diet list

Diet is vital for a boxer. There are some  fighters who eat every type of food. According to me, fighters  should eat as a diet list. Diet tells us what we should eat and avoid. To make a boxer body fit and healthy they should eat  low carbohydrate, lean free protein, and good fat. 

  1. In your diet list keep a medium amount of carbohydrates. Because a high amount of carbohydrates is  harmful for your health. So a boxer needs a low amount of starchy carbohydrates like lentils, sweet potatoes, bread, rice, grain etc.
  2. There are so many fighters who do not take a lot of protein.I suggest that you can eat meat but not lean meat. That means, you can eat lean free meat like chicken, lean beef, lean mutton etc. You can not keep pork belly and lean beef in your diet list It will make your body unhealthy.
  3. There are two types of fats. One is good and another is bad. Fighters need a little amount of good fat. You can eat nuts for good fat.
  4. There are so many boxers who avoid snacks but that does not mean you can not eat snacks. Boxers can eat snacks like Pumpkin  seeds, Strawberries, Cucumbers, Bananas, Apples etc.snacks are  not meals. So, you can keep snacks in your diet list.
  5. Eat green vegetables, fruits and yogurt. 
  6. Drink a lot of clean water.
  7. Keep 30% fibre in your daily diet list.

Steps for Become A Professional Fighter

At every career we know that people want to be experts at their own work. Because experts gain enough knowledge on that topic and they can change their plan and can plan better ideas for the future. Like that, an amateur also wants to be a professional. Now, I will share some instructions which will help you to turn into a professional fighter.

Speed up your skills

Speed up your skills

When you want to be a professional you have to speed up your have to give your best and  need courage too.

Focus on your moves, are they perfect or not? Avoid focusing on how fast your moves are. Just set up your moves. And speed up

To increase your power you need to make your legs more energetic. Because in a fight balance and moving power are important. And power comes up from legs so make your legs more energetic you can punch a harder thing which will make it more strong. And also you can jump up on the rope to strengthen your legs.

Further, you will have to focus on your warm up and gym. It can help you to make your power, moves and autonomy faster.

Find a boxing manager

When you become a professional you need a boxing manager who will find  good opponents for you to fight against you. Because if you want to be professional it is important to fight with some professionals. 

winning or losing is not the main fact, but if you compete with professionals you can find out your weakness and also you will get to know  on which move you should work more. So, find a manager who has  knowledge about fighting. A professional manager will understand your skills and he will also know what kind of competitor you need to fight.If you are lucky you can get instructions from your manager.

And a boxing manager will search for good boxers because from that he can generally get 25% or something of the fighters purse.

Increase Your Training

Increase your training

As you want to be a professional now you should train hard. Without training hard you can not develop your fighting skills. So, you have to increase your training system

To make your training better you can do push ups. Everyday minimum give 150 push ups. If you are unable to do 100 push ups a day then you need to work on your exercise. 

Running is a good exercise for every boxer. Running can make your legs more endurance and strong. 

In my article I told you before that jumping on a rope is the best exercise for every fighter. Because it helps you to make your foot, body, muscles and legs strong endurance.

You will have to increase your training so that you can cross the bouts at the ring.

Further, for making your training harder you can do pull ups, crunches, planks, sprinting, leg pulls and use different types of dumbbells for your exercise.

Get a Licensed

If you want to be a boxer you need a license when you are an amateur to attend several tournaments.

But when you will be a professional or pro you need another license to play in international tournaments.

There are four professional organisations : WBO, IBF, WBA and WBC. You will have to register from one of these organisations. It is also not a tough job. You just have to fill your form and they will test your body. One if it is done you can join in several tournaments to rank you up.

So, it is important to get a professional license.

Ranked Up Your Position

How To Become A Boxer

Every year the boxing federations arrange some professional fighters leagues. So, it is a great opportunity to climb up your ranks. If you participate in those games you can find out yourself and you can also rank up your position.

 You should remember one thing if you rank up your position you can get a chance to fight in international leagues too. And it will be a success.

Above in my article, I told you that you need a good manager. Because your manager will find good opponents for you. If you can make your rank from this fight then you will be a challenger for other pro or professional fighters. Then they will give you a challenge. So you will have to fight a lot to rank up your position.

Find A Part Time Job

Find a part time job

It is important to join a part time job. Because you need to pay your professionals, manager and also arrange league fees. So, find a job which will help you also.

Every person should enjoy their life.  It is good to stick with something. But it is also important to gain general knowledge. you need to make money so that you can bear your expenses.

But if you take boxing as your career then you need to wait for it. But a part time job will be helpful for you.


  1. Try to avoid junk food. Always eat nutritional food.

  2. Focus on your work, time and training.

  3. Try to be familiar with basic attacks.

  4. Take leave for one or two days per week.

  5. Always be prepared physically and mentally.

  6. whenever you will fight in the ring just focus on your fight. Always free up your mind and not be angry and stressed.

  7. There are so many players who drink Alcohol. But I will say it is harmful for health. So stay away from alcohol.

  8. Maintain your training time. Because discipline is also an important matter for a boxer.

  9. Try to play with childrens they will help you to cheer your mind.

  10. Never fight out of the ring. Because if you become a professional your hit can kill ordinary people.

  11. Do warm up in a proper way. Check out your warm up position because inappropriate way can injure your body part.

  12. Try to get in touch with experts. From them you can get boxing tips too.

  13. Most importantly, take enough rest.


No, a professional or a pro player can not attend in the olympic games. But an amateur can attend the Olympics.

No, education is not important in boxing. Anyone can be a boxer.

From an amateur to becoming a pro or professional requires one year.

Actually it depends on the boxer. Because  If a boxer focuses on his boxing and works hard then it will not take too much time.

No, there is no minimum height for boxing. In boxing it’s only dependent on fighting and fitness.

Yes, it can be. But players should get their first license at the age of 34.


So, I hope you read the entire article on How to become a boxer. Always be courageous and focus on your goal. There is another thing which will help you to achieve your goal and that is self-confidence. According to me, self-confidence is the key to success. As long as you have confidence it will help you to reach the bottom.If you work hard one day, you will achieve your goal. For your benefit I share some professional steps too. And I think that if you follow my steps, it will help you to become a boxer and It can also help you to be a professional boxer. I hope that you like my entire article and it is also beneficial for you. Finally, I wish you all the best.

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