Learn In One Swoop- How To Dry Shoes After Washing

We all know that those who go out regularly wear heavy shoes like sneakers, boots etc. As comfortable as these shoes are to wear, they are more difficult to dry …

We all know that those who go out regularly wear heavy shoes like sneakers, boots etc. As comfortable as these shoes are to wear, they are more difficult to dry after washing. Shoe drying is extremely time-consuming and often incorrect drying can result in shoe wear or glaze damage.

 If you do not know how to dry shoes after washing without causing any damage to your shoes, we can merely help you in that case. We can suggest plenty of useful ideas that would work on this issue. So read the whole article to learn in one fell swoop.

A Few Tips On How To Dry Shoes After Washing

Washing shoes and letting them dry is a very common household chore as we know it before. Every single time whether our shoes get dirty or not, there are several causes to wash them. Reasons can be sweat, dust, rain, accidentally drenched, and so on.

To clean up shoes properly is not enough anyway. You must ensure letting them dry well, before giving it another try. Unless, there will rise chances of growing bacteria, muck, grime, and fungi both inside and outside the shoes.

If you have questions about how to dry shoes overnight? Well, that’s not any big deal. There are several ways you can try them up. Here we are proceeding with our article Including super cool tips on how to dry shoes after washing.

1. Using Washing Machine To Dry

Before we come directly to the point of how to dry shoes in washing machine, we should check the shoe material first. Check whether the shoes are made of canvas, cotton, nylon, polyester or not. If not, don’t put it on the washing machine dryer, please. And also check the shoe label for further instructions.

Using Washing Machine To Dry shoes

Now start drying by following instructions.

2. Using Fan To Dry

If you’re looking for suggestions on how to dry shoes fast after washing? Well, using a fan to dry shoes will be the better method.

3. Get a shoe dryer

Is the most wonderful idea for shoes to get dried by a shoe dryer. This method is faster, easier and more convenient than any other option. It is the most appropriate answer for people who have questions like, how to dry your shoes in 10 minutes.

4. Use Newspaper Or Toilet Tissue To Dry

Okay, any kind of paper. It can be tissue paper, toilet tissues or wrapping papers, even newspapers. These papers can be used to dry wet shoes. Using paper for drying shoes is the easiest method but it takes time. Gather a good quantity of papers and then rip those into smaller chunks. And now remove the insole and shoelaces out.

Fill up the shoe with ripped paper chunks and keep them overnight to soak the moisture. If necessary, replace it with dry paper after a few hours to absorb the shoes’ wetness more.

5. Other Methods

(Using Rice Method)

It is not a popular method but some people suggest using rice as a way to repurpose it. In that case, to dry pre-washed shoes:

  • Arrange a box filled with rice. Place your shoes submerged in it. You also have to fill the shoes’ inner space with rice. And then let it dry overnight. the rice grain will soak/absorb all the water meanwhile. That’s it!

(Using Refrigerator)

Well, you can use this trick too! We all know every refrigerator has a cooling vent that exhausts hot air. You just simply put your shoes in front of that vent. And wait until no moisture is left. And don’t forget to remove the insoles and laces of your shoes before placing them in front of the vent.

frequently asked question

Okay, that’s no hard issue. Generally, I strain out water from my shoes, then use a towel and put them into the shoes and then press it. Then blow hot air into the shoes by using a hairdryer.

If I have a short time then I use a machine dryer to get my shoes dry in just a few minutes.

Probably not. Putting shoes in any dryer may save you time. But it will come with a little damage to your shoes in that case no guarantee.


We often wear wet shoes because we have to rush the time. But that is not good manners. Wet shoes may cause a bad smell on your foot and in the shoes as well. And this kind of habit may cause you illness like mildew or mould build-up. So, never neglect to fulfil your duty to your feet.


We often get our shoes drenched in rain or somehow accidentally happen. Besides the washing issue, there can be other causes to get our shoes wet. Here we give you the complete list of techniques on how to dry shoes after washing. We hope you will get it super easy and drying will no longer be hectic.

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