How to store dumbbells at home: 2022 Best Tips

If you start working out at home and look for an easy way of how to store dumbbells at home in small floor space, here are the perfect guidelines for …

If you start working out at home and look for an easy way of how to store dumbbells at home in small floor space, here are the perfect guidelines for you. Homies struggle with the word aesthetic because they want to keep dumbbells so that it is all together and hidden but still looks aesthetically pleasing in the space.

So, let’s go through the content. 

Tips for storing dumbbells & other Fitness equipment

Now we will give you about four tips on how you can make sure that your dumbbells are conveniently located and strategically hidden when you’re having people over or just hanging out in your living room most of the time. When you don’t have a complete spare room or garage in the basement of your house, these ideas will help to optimize your floor correctly.

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A Nearby Closet

Option one is a closet nearby. Though it’s pretty simple, It depends on what your floor space is like. If you happen to have a closet nearby, we recommend getting rid of a bunch of stuff that doesn’t need to be there. It will make room as a workout room with your dumbbells, ankle weights, yoga mats, resistance bands & other good workout accessories. 

SO, What you need to do is just open the closet because it’s nearby to grab your stuff. Put it in Tupperware, a Rubbermaid-type container. Drag out the name of your workout, put it all back in, push it back into the closet. Now changes are you don’t have a closet conveniently located. So what can you do instead of looking for a cabinet? 

A Closed Cabinet

Suppose you could replace any furniture you currently have with a closed-door cabinet like you have lots of great options. But you should consider the right size and height for your space.

So, when you work out at home gym & you have discipline, you would put all of your dumbbells into this close-door cabinet. But make sure that you can push your coffee table out of the way. Open up the cabinet, grab all of your stuff, do what you had to do, and then put it all back away. 

An Ottoman with Storage

Your next option is replacing our coffee table with a storage Ottoman that has built-in storage. What’s great here is you’re not adding any additional furniture to your workout space. What you’re doing is you’re going to take one piece of furniture and have it be multi-purpose. It is what you want anytime you’re dealing with small storage space. 

A nice basket

The last option is really great because you don’t have to invest in additional furniture. It’s just about finding a nice basket. Make sure that it’s sturdy and can handle all the dumbbells, the putting, pushing, and bringing it back and forth. 

What you have to do is find one big enough to house all of your dumbbells but still look good so that you can tuck it into corners. You can pull it out and tuck it away whenever you need it. Moreover, baskets are inexpensive, efficient, and convenient to use.

Dumbbell Rack

Dumbbell Rack

When you start to build your gym at home, you’ll find that you accumulate a lot of dumbbells and all of the gym equipment you have. In that case, a stable Rack would be your best Storage solution for your home gym to achieve your fitness goals. 

You can store gym equipment from degrading quickly but also look good. The Rack is super versatile; you can hold dumbbells ranging from 10 pounds to 2,000 pounds per shelf. Moreover, it allows easy access to the most available dumbbells easily and for versatile use.

Dumbbell Tree

A dumbbell tree gives you the full advantage of using your extra space vertically. Dumbbell trees are also known as the CAP Barbell A-frame dumbbell rack. It can store up to five pairs of rubber hex or cap hex dumbbells and displays up to 200 lbs resistance levels.

You can place it along with wall mounts or in a corner. Dumbbell trees have more possibilities to be put back and less possibility of a dangerous underfoot or accidental end. On the other hand, dumbbells are easily accessible here from either side. A dumbbell tree will enhance any home gym while keeping things under control, proper organizing as well.

Storage Bench

Storage Bench gym

A heavy-duty storage bench provides a customized activity zone by Transforming an empty wall. Storage Bench’s multi-functionality allows you to store your dumbbells as well as iPad, LCD screen, and laptop in extra space.

The two strong steel frames reinforce the wire-grid bin to keep clothing and fitness equipment in circulation and visible. It’s a nice place to sit after running to remove muddy shoes or wet layers.

Storage Cage

A sturdy solid steel storage case can keep your home gym equipment tidy, neat, and organized. Using a storage cage, it is easy to store med balls, dumbbells, yoga mats, heavy equipment, jump ropes, towels, kettlebells, exercise bands, and bags in neat, clean condition.

Its Lockable wheels & Lockable lid add mobility and security, respectively. A lightweight steel frame with powder coat & steel mesh finish means it will provide you with long service. You can access other ways using the front drop-down panel.

Wire Mesh Standing Shelves

This storage option meets fashion, function, and storage capacity simultaneously. Weathered mesh shelving units offer various large compartments with an open-cubby design. You can easily store dumbbells, and fitness heavy weighted gym gear in one and more spaces, but also all over shelves and customize it.

Nestle units against the walls of your home gym and attach them to a metal or wooden bench to provide space for reduction or gear up in workouts.

Minimalist Sack Storage Bag

Keep a few space-saving sack bags to store resistance bands, dumbbells, ankle weights, your mat, and much more. The building material is a durable paper that comes with a cool, color-blocked feature. 

It helps to keep good workout gears out of sight or hidden. You can select any color and size as your requirements as there are 6 vinyl lettering colors & 4 sack sizes are available.

Locker Room Storage Unit


With an industrial locker room storage unit, you can add old-school locker room style to the fitness space of your home. The metal design of this storage unit includes six retro-style locker bins, which are great for storing assorted goods which have heavyweights, dumbbells, yoga mats, water bottles, jump ropes, foam rollers, towels, smaller items, office supplies, and other rolling workout equipment. Choose from the best gym storage unit providers to best suit your workout space.

Why do you need to store dumbbells?

The ideas, tips, and tricks will help you be able to have all your gym gear conveniently located so that it’s not any additional hassle to you, but also so you can tuck it away so that when you have guests over, or you’re just hanging out in your living room, you don’t have to see it.

● Spreading dumbbells not only looks messy but can also be a safety hazard for your family members & you.

● Organized dumbbells and fitness equipment free up your space to properly move on.

● Proper storing can extend the longevity of your dumbbells by keeping them neatly in a safe place & away from stumps. 

● Avoid being misused and scattering around. 

● Kids at home can harm themselves with dumbbells or other gym supplies within their reach, which makes storing vital for the safety of a home.


Our research for inspiration to create a home gym that you love, and today we have discussed how to store dumbbells at home with other workout gears in a small living space so that it is all together and hidden but still looks aesthetically pleasing in the space. 

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