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If we are trying to use Boxing Gloves then we should know What Size Boxing Gloves Do I Need. Because without perfect boxing gloves we can’t get

Boxing is one of the most popular sports among Fighters. And those who love to watch fighting are die-hard fans of Boxing sports. Talking of Boxing, Gloves are necessarily and widely used in Boxing Sports. In sports such as Boxing, Fighters cannot compete against each other without wearing gloves on their hands. In simple terms, you cannot punch your opponent unless you have gloves equipped, as it helps to reduce every unnecessary damage to Your Knuckles.

Usage of Boxing Gloves

get the glove that suits you

We all know that boxing is a global sport and in some countries it has also become a part of their national sport. So it is very common that people will want to experience Boxing once in their lifetime. That’s why Boxing gloves are highly used in training centers where young talents are being trained. On the other hand, some people even use boxing gloves for Boxing Exercise. It is used for both creative and entertainment purposes. And with all the popularity of Boxing sport,  today, boxing gloves have a market value with a high sales rate.

Boxing Gloves for Beginners

As a new boxer you may need a good pair of boxing gloves that fits your hands and gives your Knuckles the best safety possible. So you must buy gloves after measuring every possibility that a boxing paired-gloves will provide. Because in boxing size does matter. You cannot choose oversized boxing gloves, or heavier ones, because if you do, then it will slow down your momentum while delivering strong punches to your opponent. 

What boxing gloves do you need for training

What Size Gloves do Heavy Weights Use

As a beginner, you need lots of training and hard working experience. However, if you’re training with normal boxing gloves or regular gloves, then you won’t be able to make a better momentum. And as it says, better momentum brings the chances of winning. 

A beginner should always choose gloves that are specially designed and made for beginners. You’ll find them in the market near you, however, things that you’ll need to check before buying gloves for beginners are:

  1.  Do the gloves fit in your hands?
  2. What materials are used to make them?
  3.  Are they hook & loop or lace up?
  4.  Can you move your hands comfortably after wearing gloves?
  5.  Also, do your hands sweat after wearing gloves?

Overall, what size boxing gloves would be best for you

Boxing is just not only a sport that is arranged occasionally, like other sports such as cricket, football etc. boxing is also a local sport in western countries along with Asian countries like China and India. And since boxing is an Olympic-level sport, a higher number of people every year competes in this sport. And if you’re one of them or if you’re a beginner-level fighter then you’ll probably want to enhance your boxing equipment such as gloves. Did you know that professionals are extremely concerned about their gloves? Because they know the importance of a well*sized gloves. They never compromise with their gloves and that’s how they went to every fight.

So are you really comfortable with the gloves you have right now? Or are you looking forward to finding the best sized gloves that will fit your Knuckles? 

As a beginner-level boxer, you’ll need to enhance your boxing equipment by changing your oversized and overweight boxing gloves. A well-sized and lightweight pair of gloves will help you to move your hand more freely and fast. But make sure that you’re using boxing gloves after wrapping your hand with hand wrappers. Your boxing gloves should have an adhesive, comfortable fit grasping the top of your gloves.

Do you know what size boxing gloves you need? Well it depends on your body weight. You should buy boxing gloves based on your weight and hand measurements:

Bodyweight Hand Circumstance Gloves Weight Size
40-54 kg
8 oz
54-68 kg
10 oz
68-84 kg
12 oz
84 kg+
14 oz
Best heavy Bag Gloves

As a beginner you can also change the type of your boxing gloves. Since more advanced and comfortable boxing gloves are available in the market.

However you’ll always have to be conscious while buying a pair of boxing gloves for yourselves. If you’re a beginner, then don’t rush with boxing gloves. It is important that you get a comfortable feeling every time you deliver a punch. Boxing gloves made of leather or Cowskin Leather are best recommended for beginners. But, If you’re actually serious about boxing, then you should definitely avoid using gloves that are too tight on your big hands. 

Always consider these three things on boxing gloves 

  • Durability 
  • Made Up materials 
  • Softness

Gloves that convey these 3 features are Soft, durable and will bring comfort to your knuckles. A professional boxer always chooses gloves that are more durable and comfortable than most other boxing gloves. So you choose gloves that will remain unharmed even after your hard-punch deliveries.

Durable Boxing Gloves

Why should you clean your boxing gloves

Hard Punchers need the most durable boxing gloves because it doesn’t break after a few matches. A durable pair of boxing gloves are capable of providing you long-term service. And it also saves your money.

Gloves with additional safety

Never compromise with your safety, choose gloves that are best for Hand and wrist support. If we’re talking about boxing, then we have to consider what safety a pair of boxing gloves could provide us. Boxing gloves that are able to provide your hands extra safety with an attached thumb are the best.

Because when you’re throwing hard punches your Knuckles will be in the most vulnerable position, the impact of a hard punch could break your knuckles or cause some internal injuries. Boxers over 30s have the most chances of breaking their knuckles while throwing hard punches.

Additional safety first

If you’re going to buy ringside training boxing gloves, then you should check if the gloves are additional  Safety first gloves or not. Additional safety gloves will have additional layers of foam along with durability. And if extra arm protection is provided by an extra-long cuff, it’s better for springing.


So, in the end, a beginner level boxer should always focus on the training to achieve more experience. Any additional negative thoughts should be eliminated during training. That’s why replacing your boxing equipment and your gloves with a good pair of gloves should eliminate all your extra negative thoughts. A better pair of boxing gloves are the gloves you need the most to build your momentum more independently. Because the more momentum you’ll have the more chances you’ll get to deliver a knockout punch to your opponent.

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